Personal Shopping

Shopping with a personal stylist can save you time, money and even wardrobe space. How many times have you bought something and never worn it? Have you looked into a wardrobe full of clothes and found nothing to wear? Do you feel pressurised into buying something for that special occasion and only wear it once?  With the aid of my styling services I will ensure you purchase investment versatile pieces that will last. You will no longer experience the frustration, hassle or time drain on trying to find the perfect wardrobe.

How it works:

The process starts with a pre-shopping consultation. Ideally this is done in my office in Baggot street on a one-to-one basis prior to the shopping experience. During this consultation I will identify your requirements by assessing your individual styling needs, your budget, your personal style preferences and your overall goals for the experience.

I will then complete my pre-shopping research in order to ensure our personal shopping day is productive and focused.

Please enquire further for pricing